Ashford is Expanding!!

Introducing Ashford Advisory Services

Investors and Colleagues,

Today, I am excited to tell you about a new suite of services we are offering at Ashford Capital Partners!

As the overall real estate market heats up, our existing real estate investment programs are performing very well. We’re seeing demand from builders, home prices stabilizing, and new construction projects rolling out.

While our existing investment programs are still great opportunities for a certain class of investors, I’ve been talking with a number of clients who want a more personal approach to real estate investing.

You spoke, and we listened…

A number of you are already taking the bull by the horns and pursuing your OWN real estate investment opportunities. Based on dozens of conversations, I’ve realized that the Ashford community has exposure to a very wide (and deep) assortment of real estate investments.

The range of involvement spans from commercial to residential… from raw land to complete structures (and every level of development in between)… from investors scouting out properties for purchase, to existing owners looking for buyers.

Considering the rebound that we are seeing in the Atlanta real estate market, you don’t need to have a master’s degree in real estate to participate. Many investors simply need a small amount of advice, an introduction, or an answer to a technical question, in order to generate their own positive investment returns.

And that is the inspiration behind the new suite of advisory services that we are rolling out. Our goal is to help investors take advantage of the rebounding real estate market – in whatever capacity they are comfortable with – offering our expertise to ensure the highest probability of success.

A Few Featured Services…

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sending you more detail on some of the premier services that we are offering under our advisory arm. But today, I want to outline a few of the important areas we can now cover…

Property Evaluation – If you’re in the market to purchase a property (or group of properties), our evaluation will cover the area demographics, cash-flow and ROI considerations, zoning issues and more…

1031 Exchange Transactions – Real estate investors can take profits in one property, while rolling the proceeds into a new investment – without paying taxes on the gains! We can help you structure a 1031 exchange to meet regulatory requirements – and walk you through the process step by step…

Rental Property Management – Have a rental property (or several)? Our new advisory arm can help you locate and evaluate potential renters, manage the property (including maintenance, collection, and other ancillary tasks) – allowing you to enjoy the profits with less of a time and energy investment…

Residential or Commercial Sales – We can list your property, seek out qualified buyers, assist in setting up the details of the transaction, and effectively manage the entire process for you.

All of our services are offered on an A la carte basis, allowing you to pick and chose which services you really need. And many times, the cost of the advisory services can be rolled into a particular transaction (such as the purchase or sale price of a property) – resulting in no “out-of-pocket” expense for our customers.

Ashford Capital Advisory Services are equally applicable to both individual AND professional investors. We are able to work with registered investment advisers, broker / dealers, and individual investors to meet the needs of the end client.

Do you have a real estate question – or an issue we can help you with? I’d love to arrange a meeting to discuss your real estate investment questions, and determine how we can help. Please give me a call this week so we can set up a time to meet.

Wishing you every success,


Matthew J. Riedemann
Founder, President, & Managing Director
Ashford Capital Partners