Ivey Estates: A Defining Deal for Ashford Capital

Investors and Colleagues,

Every now and then, an opportunity emerges with the potential to define a company – or change the course of an investor’s account…

Today, I want to introduce you to one particular deal that perfectly represents the investment approach that Ashford Capital stands for.

This model investment will give you a better picture for exactly what we look for when buying property, and for a short time, we are still accepting investors who want to participate in the Ivey Estates property in beautiful Cobb County, Georgia.

When searching for real estate opportunities in the Atlanta market, there are two variables that are crucial in deciding whether to invest or not:

1: Location

Of course we all know that location is the most important variable for real estate investment, but at Ashford Capital, we have perfected our location analysis down to a science.

When we look at the location of a property we have a proprietary method for analyzing the supply and demand metrics for real estate in the area, the employment opportunities for potential residents, reasonable price expectations for selling the property to a developer, and a timeline for when the investment opportunity will be completed and investors paid.

It’s a rigorous process, but one that has helped us to be involved with only the most promising locations in the growing Atlanta real estate market.

In the Atlanta real estate market, builders typically invest in projects when there is less than six months worth of inventory currently on the market. This ensures that when they are ready to sell the homes that are being built, the market demand for these new locations will be strong.

For the Ivey Estates development, our research indicates that there is a 5-month supply in the $225k to $325k price range – perfect for attracting builders to the market.

While we have confidence in our proprietary location analysis, it is helpful to note that a number of national builders including Beazer Homes, Ashton Woods, and John Wieland Homes are actively building out properties in the same area as our Ivey Estates project. In fact, John Wieland is developing three different locations within a 2 mile radius of our property!

2: Price

Our goal is to generate the very best returns for our investors – and since our interests are aligned with our investors, Ashford Capital makes the best profit when our investors are paid well.

For this reason, we’re only interested in purchasing properties at an extreme discount to “fair value.” When we are able to pick up attractive properties at a distressed price, our transactions are completed more quickly, at a higher rate of return for us and for our investors.

We have negotiated a price of $495,000 for the Ivey Estates property – and this price represents the cost for 15 lots. These are premium developed lots which already have access to utilities and are builder-ready.

Our “all-in” cost for this location is $33k per lot – representing a 65% discount to the price a developer paid for the same location just a short time ago. Because of our deep relationships with regional banks and the FDIC, we are typically able to buy properties at a tremendous discount.

With such a steeply discounted purchase, we are able to sell these lots to a builder – at an attractive price – and still make a very healthy return. For the Ivey Estate location, our conservative estimate is a selling price of $75,000 per lot to a builder in 12 – 14 months. Of course our target price is higher, but we want to set your expectations conservatively and if you are surprised, we want it to be a good surprise.

Reserving Slots for First-Time Investors

Because of the special nature of this model investment, I wanted to make sure that the Ivey Estates project is accessible to all of our investors. I’m particularly interested in opening this deal to first-time participants in an Ashford Capital offering.

At Ashford Capital, we understand that traditional investors may not be experienced when it comes to buying residential real estate property. Sometimes participating in a new investment concept is challenging and investors want to start small before allocating a larger portion of their capital down the road.

For this reason, we’ve reserved a few slots in this offering for first-time investors, and for investors with a smaller amount of capital. My hope is that by offering smaller investment opportunities in this model transaction, you will become comfortable with our investment process, and be more willing to discuss additional opportunities once you have recognized an attractive return on this property.

I should mention that with the Ivey Estates offering, you can even use capital from your IRA to invest – which carries its own tax benefits for you.

If you’re interested in participating in this model deal, I would ask you to do two things:

First, go to and watch our short video on this property. You can see an aerial picture of the location along with some of the proprietary location metrics that I have mentioned.

Second, give me a call so that we can set up a time to discuss this opportunity. We can sit down and discuss the specifics, you can get a copy of the offering document which details our preferred rate of return and profit sharing arrangement, and best of all it will give us a chance to catch up and discuss your financial future.

Wishing you every success,


Matthew J. Riedemann
Founder, President, & Managing Director
Ashford Capital Partners

[email protected]