From National to Local Races, NAHB Members Win Office on Election Day

votebuttomAs the 2014 election results roll in from all the local, state and national races across the country, NAHB members demonstrated that they are deeply involved in the political process by not only supporting pro-housing candidates but by throwing their hat in the political ring and winning elected office in a number of races.

Regardless of whether they won or lost, NAHB wishes to congratulate all of our members who fought for housing and ran for public office.

Led by Maryland Governor-elect Larry Hogan (R) and Pennsylvania Governor-elect Tom Wolf (D) (under his firm’s name The Wolf Organization), more than two dozen NAHB members were elected to various government posts across the nation on Nov. 4.

Also on the national stage, Republican Steve Daines, who literally grew up in the home building industry, was elected to the U.S. Senate seat in Montana. His father, Clair Danes, is an NAHB board member.

In South Carolina, Rep. Joe Wilson won re-election to the U.S. House of Representatives.

NAHB also wishes to congratulate the following members who won their local elections:

Name                                    State               Elected Position
Geoff Duncan (R)                  Ga.                   State House of Representatives, District 26
Dale DeVon (R)                     Ind.                 State House of Representatives
Doug Miller (R)                      Ind.                  State House of Representatives
Wes Culver (R)                      Ind.                  State House of Representatives
Heath VanNatter (R)              Ind.                  State House of Representatives
Mark Messmer (R)                 Ind.                  State Senator
Tommy Thompson (D)          Ky.                  Majority Whip, Kentucky House of Representatives
Glenn Stuckel (R)                 Ky.                  Louisville Metro Council
Reagan Taylor (R)                 Ky.                  County Judge Executive, Madison County
Ruth Ann Palumbo (D)          Ky.                  House of Representatives, Lexington
Chris McDaniel (R)                Ky.                  State Senator
Margaret O’Brien (R)           Mich.               Senator-elect, State Senate
Tama Theis (R)                    Minn.             House of Representatives, St. Cloud
Wesley Meredith (R)            N.C.                State Senator
Harry Brown (R)                  N.C.                State Senator
Tommy Tucker (R)               N.C.                State Senator
Jonathan Jordan (R)             N.C.               State House Representative
Greg West                           N.C.               Cumberland County Board of Education
Hugh Leatherman, Sr.(R)     S.C.                State Senator
Nathan Ballentine (R)          S.C.                State House of Representatives, District 71
Ralph Norman (R)               S.C.                State House of Representatives, District 48
Brandon Creighton (R)         Texas             State Senate, District 4
Trent Ashby (R)                   Texas             State House of Representatives, District 57
John Frullo (R)                     Texas             State House of Representatives, District 84
Jose Menendez (D)               Texas             State House of Representatives, District 124
John Wray (R)                      Texas             State House of Representatives, District 10
Dennis Bonnen (R)               Texas              State House of Representatives, District 25
Drew Darby (R)                    Texas              State House of Representatives, District 72
Paul Espinosa (R)                W.Va.             Representative, West Virginia House of Delegates
Dan Dulyea (R)                   W.Va.            Councilmen-elect, Berkeley County Council
Roger Roth (R)                     Wis.               State Senator
Bob Kulp (R)                         Wis.               State Assembly
Paul Tittl (R)                         Wis.                State Assembly

Housing is an American Issue

Housing is neither a Democratic nor a Republican issue. It’s an American issue. This is why NAHB is officially a non-partisan association. We support housing-friendly candidates on both sides of the aisle, regardless of party affiliation.

Short of running for office, staying politically active by helping get out the vote for housing-friendly candidates and contributing to BUILD-PAC is the best possible way to lay the foundation for future success that will benefit our industry and nation.

If you attended a fundraiser, campaigned door to door, put up signs on your lawn, made phone calls or wrote a check, your contributions helped to make housing’s presence all the stronger and all the more effective on Election Day.

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